Cigarreras, métodos y tiempos is a documentary theater show dedicated to the history of these women workers. Part of the XI Festival Escena Contemporanea in 2011, Cigarreras was conceived and represented in the CSA La Tabacalera, the old tobacco factory that for two centuries had been the life stage for thousands of women workers in Madrid until its closure in the year 2000. For a day , we revived a piece of the existence of these women: the body of the ex-workers and their memory, their voice, are integrated into the work, through the testimonies of interviews, in a creative dialogue with the abandoned building, which still houses the marks of those who lived there.

"Many nights, I still dream that I'm here, working".
Idea and direction: David Rodríguez. On stage: Pilar Montoro, Mari Cruz Rego, Elena Gonzalez, Mayte Callejo, Natividad Briviesca, Antonia Montiel and Chelo Rodríguez, workers of the Tabacalera between 1957 and 1989. Music: Cuarteto De la Puríssima. Stage direction and choreography: Les Filles Föllen. Production and documentation: David Rodríguez, Rafael Esteban, Carmen Haro and Txomin Calvo. Video and interviews: Juan Carlos Ballesteros. Assistant director: Claudia Claremi.

︎ CSA La Tabacalera.
︎ Claudia Claremi.