Entrance with charge: two girls smoke a cigarette in only 30 seconds was performed in several art galleries, underground venues, bars, concerts halls and in the street, around Europe and North America. One very special occasion was to perform it in the KUMU Art Museum of Estonia in Tallinn, on the occasion of the Neu Now Festival in 2011.
The first appearance cheats and deviates. We all let ourselves deceive. The fascination and the aesthetic perception are based on the attraction for something unknown and at the same time worthy of value due to its exceptional nature.

So the appearance transmits some emotions when reality can be another. Although we are aware that stopping by deception is an easy way, a trap, we hardly resist.

Audience Award at the Festival Scena Simulacro, Madrid.

I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way.
- Jessica Rabbit.

Thanks to Ms Ute Kohlmann and the Neu Now Festival for the invitation.