Escena Simultanea is a long-distance project between Barcelona and Buenos Aires. It is a virtual/analogical communication of two separate groups of women, who dialogue with looks, movements, and sometimes with words. The distance causes delays, mistakes and misunderstandings, but enlightens a growing curiosity to know each others.

Choreography and interpretation Liliana Tasso, Laura Figueiras, Luz Lassalle (Buenos Aires). Margherita Bergamo, Tuixén Benet, Ivana Miño, Marina Carlona (Barcelona. Music: Hans Laguna. Technical support: Space Crew. Scenography: Adrià Pinar. Style: Estefania Sánchez Lago. Photos: Marga Parés. Text: Nelson Galtero Barchetta. Co-production: Iberescena 2012 and OSIC (Generalitat de Catalunya.
10.477 km and lots of shit separate us.

One-hour show, three dancers in Barcelona + three dancers in Buenos Aires + a good skype connection.

From the original idea IEES by Liliana Tasso.
With the support of Iberescena 2012.

︎ Liliana Tasso.

︎ Miguel Angel.