The skin is the largest organ of human body; when removed, it would take almost two square metres; it weighs from ten to fifteen pounds. It determines a person from the moment of birth. We take a look at it, and this is Everybodyskin.
There are cases when people would change their skin, get rid of it or find themselves in someone else's skin. While in other cases, people are happy with their own skin and glorify it. 

Idea and direction: Barbara Wysoczańska. Choreography: Margherita Bergamo, Tuixén Benet, Magdalena Śmigasiewicz, Barbara Wysoczańska. Set design: Joanna Jaśko-Sroka. Set construction: Pracownia Ślusarska Robert Calikowski. Costumes: Karolina Mika. Music – composition and recording: Tomek Grochoideo: Intermedioland - Łukasz Furman, NoArt, Kuba Garścia. Graphic design: Magdalena Konik. Artistic collaboration: Katarzyna Skawińska, Alicja Paleta. Project coordination: Barbara Wysoczańska. Performers: Margherita Bergamo, Beatriz Macias, Anna Majerczyk, Małgorzata Ogórek, Magdalena Śmigasiewicz, Barbara Wysoczańska. Co-production ULICA 25 STREET ART, DF Dance Theatre and Les Filles Föllen.