Insides is an interactive video dance production by Muvers, Erre que erre, with the participation of LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial. Music: Eugenia Pañeda and Anna Quiroga. Costumes: Erre que erre. Lighting: Carles Rigual. Camera and editing: Román Torre.

Main characters: Margherita Bergamo, Monica Cofiño, Mario G. Sáez, Marianne Masson, Vincent Palotis. Secondary characters: Pedro Álvarez, Ángeles Angulo, Ana Balaguer, Chloe Caillat, Miguel Comendador, Catalina Del Reg, Alejandra Díaz, Fredy Fernández, Núria González, Carla Guerra, Rebeca Martín, Rebeca Mínguito, Jorge Nava, Verónica R. Galán, Carles Rigual, Marta Rodríguez, Patricia Toral, Román Torre, Casio Torre Angulo, Alejandra Ulman, Amaranta Velarde.
Insides is an interactive journey through the inner worlds of five unique characters.

The Waiting Room is the place where the characters are, and where we can choose them, to be introduced into their inner worlds. According to our choice, we can then access to five particular stories: Woman Nature, a universe that shows an animal side, wild and feminine, a transformation of femininity into felinity, from the human to the animal; Sunset Laboral, a woman in front of a group of men with whom she interacts in an innocent, aggressive, provocative, sweet, cold way, force-fragility-duality, descendascend; Hooger Laundry, a character that multiplies in obsessive paths and actions inside a laundry; Love Kitchen, the invasion of space by bodies, sensuality, physical contact, looks, meetings, excitement; Le Trompettiste, a musical ménage à trois among two women and a trumpeter, a fight in sync.
︎ Roman Torre.