Intuït is an experience to contemplate, find glimmers of greater knowledge.

A the thread of a shared experience between the performers and the audience. The work proposes elements and hints of reflection through movement and music, for the audience to react, and reconnect with their own intuition.

Performed in 2016 at Matadero Madrid, and in Barcelona at the rooftop of Piramidon Art Gallery.
Artistic direction: Margherita Bergamo. Performance: Marina Cardona, Rodrigo Rammsy and Margherita Bergamo. Music and sound design: Rodrigo Rammsy. Light design: Carles Rigual. Dress design: Tickles & Freckles. Coproduction: Upstairs BCN and Piramidón, Centre d'Art Contemporani. Thanks to: Espai Erre Barcelona and Midwest Amsterdam.

Original soundtrack by R.Rammsy.