Europe is home to a large number of immigrants, and the percentage increases with the great migrant crisis of the recent years. We are open to the migration of people, but we are still debating how to deal with the impact of cultural diversity. The choreography describes the concept of "home" and migration, translating into movement three texts by the authors Claudie Lesselier, Pico Iyer and Warsan Shire, with six dancers surrounded by the urban scene of Barcelona.

Cast: Yeinner Chicas, Marta Hervás, Ignacio Jiménez, Anabella Pareja, Laura Sormunen, Junyi Sun, Margherita Bergamo. Music Composer: Dale Nichols. Costume Designer: Amira-Sade Moodie. Makeup and Hairstyle: Medusa Alegre. Choreographer: Margherita Bergamo. Director of 360 ° Photography & Editing: Daniel González. Screenwriter & Associate Producer: Mark Lee. Associate Producer: Lucia Candelpergher. Production: Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz. Acknowledgments: BeAnother Lab,, Centre Civic Barceloneta, Grilled Cheese Studios, Chandra X-ray Observatory.
Oh home was created in 2018 as part of an EVR installation entitled "Eve, dance is an unplaceable place”, an immersive multimedia project based on 3 experiences of Embodied Virtual Reality and a participatory dance show.

︎ Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz.