Projecte Final is a project by Tuixén Benet, based on the poetry of numbers in order to create a choreographic score aplying the properties of the number’s theroy to the body form, the space and the musicality of the composition.
Choreography and direction: Tuixén Benet. Performers: Margherita Bergamo, Àngela Boix, Javier Ferrer, Andrea Just i Beatriz Macías. Production: Les filles Föllen i Institut del Teatre. Producer: Melissa Mustefaga. Dramaturgy: Raquel Tomàs. Original music and sound: Hans Laguna. Scenery: Adrià Pinar and Víctor Peralta. Clothing: Maria Armengol. Light desing: Ignasi Bosch. Choreography assistance: Moreno Bernardi.

︎ João Queirolo.