I had the great opportunity to work with Allora & Calzadilla for the opening of their first solo show in Spain at the Fundació Tàpies, coordinating the movements for the installations Hope Hippo, and Temperament and the Wolf.

︎ m.b.m.
Temperament and the Wolf is an experiment in the limits of social tuning and the affective bodily nature of human responses. This project takes as a starting point the wolf fifth, an anomalous musical interval that produces a severely dissonant tone that seems to howl like a wolf. Furthermore, it expands on it to include psychological temperament, as it is determined through the specific behavioral scenario of a handshake greeting. On entering the gallery, visitors are confronted with two lines of people, all of whom work in tactile fields such as: musicians, masseurs, physical therapists, martial artists, calligraphers, farmers, potters, mechanics, masons, woodworkers, hair dressers, chefs, doctors, veterinarians, among many others. They offer their hand to the public entering the exhibition space. The transmission of messages between sender and receiver, in the form of bearing witness to the other’s presence, creates a series of social intervals between harmony and dissonance. 

Thanks to Ms Maria Sellarès and Mr Carles Guerra for this enriching opportunity.