An abandoned place always comes back to life after any event in human history. Venice and its islands are an example of a vast expanse of water and semi-emerged lands where the landscapes of silence change with the flow of the tides. The traditional boats of the lagoon resist the noisy aggressiveness of the engines, the colors of the water, the sky and the earth mingle with the red brick of the human buildings and the salt marshes offer the hospitality to the fauna typical of the places. In the film, this human-nature relationship is represented by a succession of choreographies where nature reacts and resumes its place in a place left empty by civilization.

Cast: Lara Ballarin, Aurora Dal Maso, Leila Ghiabbi, Chiara Lombardo, Veronica Marangon, Marta Giovanna Tabacco, Carolina Alessandra Valentini, Chiara Vecchiato, Magdalena Wojcik, Margherita Bergamo. Music Composer: Dale Nichols. Costume Designer: Amira-Sade. Visual Artist: Matteo Rattini. Choreographer: Margherita Bergamo. Choreographic Assistance: Martina Marianni. Director of 360 ° Photography & Editing: Daniel González. Screenwriter & Associate Producer: Mark Lee. Associate Producer: Lucia Candelpergher. Production: Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz. Acknowledgments: BeAnother Lab, Padovadanza, IVESER Villa Hériot, Chandra X-ray Observatory.
The Ecstasy of Gold Reloaded was created in 2018 as part of an EVR installation entitled "Eve, dance is an unplaceable place”, an immersive multimedia project based on 3 experiences of Embodied Virtual Reality and a participatory dance show.

︎ Compagnie Voix & Omnipresenz.