Tropical Bunker was the graduation project in Choreography and Dance Performance Techniques at the Dance Conservatory, presented for the first time on April 2011 at Theater Institute of Barcelona. 

We use new technologies and witness the consumption of our body. What remains is memory, the accumulation of memories on the consciousness, the expectations generated by the experience.
Tropical Bunker is a solo choreographic installation where visitors can come and go freely, as well as follow a live broadcast television channel.

The visitors decide when to begin and when to end the visit of the installation, where any session takes 30 minutes, repeated several times. Every repetition creates slight modifications, the return to the events causes changes in perception. The body gets tired, but learns.

︎ Ana Cuba.
Choreography and performance: Margherita Bergamo. Space design: David Díez - Studio DDZ. Stage assistant: Tuixén Benet. Technical production and broadcasting: Sol Polo. Light design: Ignasi Bosch. Sound design: Luigi Kovacs. Costumes: Chantal Baane. Photo: Ana Cuba. Residences of creation at Institut del Teatre Barcelona, La Caldera Barcelona, Off Limits Madrid, L'Atelier Yann Lhereaux Montpellier and Institut del Teatre Vic.

︎ David Diez.
︎ Renaud Seguin.

︎ David Diez.

︎ Sol Polo.