Ultraorbism is an interactive distributed action between two networked connected spaces in Barcelona and Falmouth, directed by Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca. I took part in it as production coordinator and staging coordinator, and worked with a long list of outstanding professionals.

It was presented at the Cloister of Arts Santa Mònica in April 2015.


Concept, drawings and performance: Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca. Live music and performance: Andrea Valle. Text: Julià de Jòdar. Choreography and dancers: Cheap Date Dance Company. Actor: Ciaran Clarke. Video: Joint Effort Studios. Technical direction: Oriol Ibàñez. Programming: Sergi Lario. Animation: David Tangarife, Jesús González and Claudio Marzà. Drawing curtains: Yansy Soler and Wahab Zeghlache. Costumes: Paloma Bomé. Photography: Carles Rodríguer. Researcher: Begoña Egurbide. Sound mix: Paolo Armao, Andrea Valle. Coordination and tech production in Falmouth: Ian Biscoe and Erik Geelhoed. General coordination and production: Josep Font Sentias and Margherita Bergamo. Assistant: Cristina Llorca. Streaming/ Coordinating technical production, i2CAT Foundation: Sergi Fernández. Technical manager, i2CAT Foundation: Gerard Castillo. Coordinator sociological study, i2CAT Foundation: Marc Aguilar. Documentation and research, i2CAT Foundation: Pau Adelantado.

︎ Carles Rodriguez.