Unter des schönen Haut has the aim to bring the concepts of soccer and dance within the framework of the movement. Considers the action and forms that happen in a soccer field through a stylistic choreographic vision.

It is a soccer field performance and a dance videos project, which led the director Anna D. Ortuño to make several clips.
Dance videos by Anna D. Ortuño. Choreography: Tuixén Benet and Margherita Bergamo. Interpretation: Jana Heilmann, Carlos Carreño, Marina Cardona, Helena Canas, Tuixén Benet and Margherita Bergamo. Operators: Sol Polo, Carlos Batlló, Enrico Passaro. Music: Landscape Experience

The project was co-produced in 2011 by the National Council of the Arts in Catalonia (CoNCA), L’Antic Teatre (Barcelona) and Cell Map (Pontós, Girona). Acknowledgments: Júlia Betrian, Ana Cuba and CANADA.

︎ Ana Cuba.

︎ Sol Polo.
︎ Sol Polo.